Hot Forming Press

Hot Forming is a forming technique with a short cycle time using medium-high temperature to increase the formability of the material being formed.
This process results in a low thickness dispersion and involves punching a sheet, followed by forming at a controlled temperature.

Hot Forming Press (FCC)

  • 4 independently controlled axes
  • Metallic or ceramic platens can be sized up to 122 inches x 83 inches
  • Hot box with temperature homogeneity at 1500°F
  • High accuracy and repeatability of ram position
  • Easy integration of automated die and part handling system
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Tool design/manufacture and on-site set-up

Machine tonnage range is from 60T to 600T

Typical parts produced on this type of machine are Titanium and Aluminum parts, pylon parts, nacelle parts, engine parts, blades.

Hot Forming Press (FCC)

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Hot Forming


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