Unique Features                                                                      

  • Metallic or ceramic platens
  • Platen sizes, strokes, daylights on demand
  • High thermal efficiency
    - Multiple zone heating up to 1920°F
    - High efficiency insulation
    - Heater failure detection
    - Optional door heaters
    - Low impact on environment
    - Tool temperature regulation
  • High precision and repeatability of forming cycle.
    - High precision gas control with several independently controlled lines
    - High precision servo controls
    - Full traceability of all forming and press parameters
    - Optimal gas pressure control
  • Many available options:
    - Gas purity monitoring
    - Lower platen shuttle
    - Die lifting pins
    - Diffusion bonding
    - Hot forming capability


Typical parts produced on this type of machine are: Titanium, Aluminum, and Nickel based alloy parts, pylon panels, nacelle panels, firewalls, engine parts, fan and OGV

Standard superplastic forming machines:
The table here under is an indication to give you an overview of the machines we already installed. Each machine can be customized according to your requirements.

Standard and optional machine features:

Standard and optional peripheral equipment:


ACB’s ability to meet customers’ needs extends beyond the press itself. ACB has experience providing various turn-key solutions to optimize the workshop and integrate our presses into existing workspaces.

Ancillary equipment:

  • Part Handling: The handling of superplastic formed (SPF) parts requires the utmost precaution; the parts need to be handled delicately at high temperatures in order to avoid deformation. ACB employs part handling solutions to help our customers eliminate scrap and re-work entirely. Manually-operated part manipulators can be positioned adjacent to machines and assist operators in the transfer of parts while safely partitioned from the heat of the furnace.
  • Pre-Heating Furnaces: To minimize the duration of changeover time between part batches, ACB can provide the option of heating furnaces adjacent to machines. These furnaces allow simultaneous tool heating and cooling, thereby reducing overall cycle time and increasing machine capacity. Controlled heating and cooling is also proven to extend tooling lifetime.
  • With the purchase of tooling from ACB, customers can benefit from a full turnkey solution.From tool design and cycle simulation support, to final on site commissioning for all tooling, ACB provides complete engineering and industrialization services to serve all of our customers’ needs.


  • Automated Part and Tooling Change: Comprehensive solutions for part and tooling change can be provided with ACB’s superplastic forming (SPF) presses as well. Automated robotics can manipulate both parts and tools, utilize furnaces and maximize production with minimal operator input. Heat loss, cycle time, lifetime of components and workshop safety are all optimized to their fullest extent with implementation of complete automated work cells.